Granola met kokosyoghurt

Granola met kokosyoghurt
What has surprised you most about being a father?

Having children was always part of my vision, but as it got closer I became worried that life as I knew it would be over. To me, the most surprising thing is it’s not as hard as it seems… After all, only half of it is up to the parents. Kids have an amazing capacity to learn, adapt, and figure things out.

What do leading a company, practicing yoga, and raising children have in common? Just about everything, actually. We sat down with our CEO, Sky Meltzer to hear what a little presence and breath can accomplish on the mat, in business and beyond.

Did your parents do yoga?

They did, but I was allergic to it for the first twenty-five years of my life. I played competitive tennis instead and found every way to rebel against my new age upbringing. When friends came over it wasn’t unusual for my dad to be meditating, or my mom to be in a headstand. Meanwhile, I would be trying to hide incense and issues of Yoga Journal out of sight.

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